Investigate the Potential of your Rural Property

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You may not be aware of the potential of your rural-zoned property.

Have you had a chat with your #Council about what you can and cannot do, under the #PlanningScheme? It could be worth your while. Many #ruralproperties might be permitted a #seconddwelling, #touristcabins, eco-tourist facilities, a reception centre, #farmstay, worker’s accommodation, certain types of business.

Whatever you’re permitted under the #PlanningScheme, #TenureSolutions can add short term or long term #value by setting up #SpecifiedAreas around whatever structure you decide on; these can be occupied, or #sold, and they can have improvements including structures, and they can be used as security for #borrowing.

Check this out with a phone call to #TenureSolutions.

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