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The Bower, Wootha Queensland

‘The Bower’ is an (un)intentional, intergenerational, micro cohousing community, at Wootha in the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Commencing in 1984, The Bower has grown from a 15 square metre tiny house, through to a series of compact detached pavilions, built as a growing family dictated and a growing income and equity in the property allowed.

In 2020, The Bower includes a ‘writer’s hut’ (the original tiny house ‘weekender’), a ‘couple’s cabin’ (the second pavilion, once the ‘family room’, now a BnB), a ‘manager’s lodge’ (the third – once the bedroom – pavilion), a ‘glamper’s shack’ (the fourth, and moveable, pavilion), and a ‘traveler’s taverna’ (a pool house for ‘one for the road’, getting back to the Bower).

The property on which The Bower cohousing community has grown, also has space available for additional small pavilions, where the cohousing community may grow in Specified Areas under a Company Title.

The Bower is an excellent example where Company Titling of a small, family-based cohousing community can be established for:

  • intergenerational use, with residents moving between pavilions depending on social needs and financial demands; and, notably
  • equitable successional planning, where assets to be ‘passed  on’/bequeathed are clearly defined, isolated in Specified Areas.