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We make your property work for you.
Looking for a home of your own which you can own, rent or sell?

Your own suite in a small-scale aged-friendly community?
Your own weekender, off-grid beach shack or bush retreat?
A plot for your own tiny house, on wheels, or not?
Your own wheelchair-friendly pavilion in a house in the city or the country?
Your own hut or hide on ‘land for wildlife’?
Your own cottage in an eco-village or cohousing community?

Looking for a space of your own which you can develop or sell?

Wishing to sell part of your property to pay off your mortgage or invest in your retirement fund?
Wanting to sell rooms or pavilions in your share house?
Needing to sell a granny flat that your family no longer uses or needs?
Dreaming of your own off-grid tiny house on a property of your own?
Desiring to set up and/or sell tourist cabins on your country retreat?
Hoping to sell individual flats in your apartment block?


Dwelling and Selling

We specialise in affordable tenure solutions for you to apportion your property for you to dwell in and/or sell.


We understand that security in tenure – owning or investing – in a home or property of your own is of paramount importance to all Australians.

Making and Breaking

We customise tenure solutions to make the most out of your property, whether you’re wanting to make a buck and/or you’re breaking up.

Inclusive and Exclusive

We provide you with title to portions of land and/or parts of buildings which you can choose to use exclusively and/or share with others.

Affordable and Doable

We aim at simple and easy tenure solutions which are affordable and are readily able to be applied over portions of your property.

Success and Succession

We facilitate tenure solutions to assist in getting the best from your property – we help make your property work for you – for financial success and/or future succession.


Our purpose is to help you make the most out of your property, in ways you may have only dreamt about, or have been frustrated in doing.


We deliver on the dreams, desires or demands you may have for making the most out of your property.

We’re Realists

Tenure solutions works with the simplest ways of achieving what’s possible with your property.


Whether you are an owner, builder, developer or investor, we provide pathways of least resistance to the development, sale, or gifting of exclusive, secured tenure over parts your property.